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Star Wars: The Old Republic talks adaptive gear, augment tables 21 Jun 2012 ... BioWare has posted a new update on the SWTOR official site to give players a look ... For starters, we have the new adaptive gear weight system. ... BioWare has noticed that crafted items with augment slots (which are created ... Guild Crafters 5.2 | Stroke My Wookie 1 Jan 2013 ... To get yourself or a non guild member crafter added to the list just post .... Armstech: 4xPolished Plasteel Arms Assembly Component 4xCode Recombinator 10xAugmentation Slot Component MK-10 ... Advanced Accuracy Augment 45 ..... (3 hours ago) Ieti: http://www.swtor.com/info/news/article/ 20190514 ... Gathering Skills - SWTOR Wiki Guide - IGN 24 Jan 2012 ... You can select Gathering skills for all three of the Crew Skill slots available to your team. ... Archaeological finds possibly conceal rare datacron components that are ... Other possible mission rewards include augments that can be slotted ..... Seek Your Contact · Tearing Apart the Foe · The Walls Have Ears. Swtor Life » Developer Tracker

IIRC it's only the skills that craft augs that can make the kits (it's been a long time, I decided it's cheaper to buy the kits than get the components ...

Swtor Augment Slot Component Mk 9! deFemale] => Verwendet bei der Herstellung von MK-10-Aufwertungs-Kit. Poker Rankings Hand Chart! SWTOR Augment Slots Guide - segmentnext.com

Swtor How to Get Augmentation Slot Component Mk 9. STAR WARS: The Old Republic - [Armortech] Getting Augmentation ..

Cost and Crafting of MK-10 Augment Kits : swtor - reddit SWTOR Discord (Chat) Get Help. Tech Support. Common SWTOR Tech Problems; ... Question Cost and Crafting of MK-10 Augment Kits ... Don't forget when you RE those parts for a slot component you always get a Mythra in return and about 10% for a returned Tricopper and 25% for a returned Turadium. SWTOR Augments Guide: Everything You Need to Know - VULKK.com SWTOR Augments Guide – Item Modificatoin Station . How to create an Augment Slot in your Gear Piece. Go to an Item Modification Station. Open it by right-clicking on it. Drag the gear piece you want to create an Augmentation Slot for. Click on the “Add Augment Slot” button at the bottom of the window. Swtor Where to Find Augmentation Slot Component Database21 Oct 2015 .. Augmentation Slot Component MK-1 can be used by Armormechs, Armstechs, and Synthweavers to produce Augmentation swtor where to find augmentation slot component Kit MK-1, an item that is capable of adding an Augment slot to any piece of equipment.Oct 7, 2015 .. SWTOR How to Augment Your Gear | SWTOR Basics Series

swtor augment slot component mk 9 I've reverse engineered a crafted belt, and it gave me an augment slot component mk-1. They are now more powerful than their Prototype equivalent. This is to balance the crafting skill with others and to encourage a market of these crafted items.Augmentation Kit MK-6 - Star Wars: MK-9 Slot Components.

Synthweaving Crew Skill Guide - Almar's Guides.com Swtor Synthweaving Crew Skill Guide; Includes the cheapest and fastest way to ... into consideration the ability to "crit" with crafting and adding an Augment slot into ... Any left over items that you have use Reverse Engineering on to get back ... [Armortech] Getting Augmentation Slot Component MK The components come from reverse engineering any item that can produce an augment slot on a crit. Each item that you RE gives 1 Slot Component as well the normal random selection of materials used in crafting it. So for eg..to get 10 MkVI slot components you could

Tutorial on how to Augment your gear in SWTOR and why is augmenting so important. Part of Vulkk's "SWTOR Basics" series. SWTOR Augments Guide: Everything you...

SWTOR Update 5.9 New Augments Details - VULKK.com Bioware revealed some new details about the upcoming new tier of Augments, being released with SWTOR Game Update 5.9. They will be a step up from the current tier and very expensive! The new Augments that will be added to the game in Patch 5.9 “The Nathema Conspiracy” will be of item level 240 – Legendary tier. STAR WARS: The Old Republic - [Armortech] Getting Augmentation ... [Armortech] Getting Augmentation Slot Component MK Crew Skills.